New Features:


  • Windows 10 and Mac OS X compatible
  • Improved security


  • Improved activation
  • Added multi-license features
  • Improved currency display
  • Improved international date format


  • No expiration date
  • Drag and drop multiple images for items, rooms and household
  • Preview attachments such as videos, PDF’s, Excel and Word documents
  • More supported currencies
  • Corrected tabbing
  • Euro/US date and monetary formats

Standard Features:

  • Absolute user privacy (data and email)
  • Create and manage large inventory files
  • Organize items by rooms and categories
  • Add and preview multiple images and receipts for items, rooms and household
  • Find what you are looking for with a full text search
  • Open and continue working with .xii and .iii file types
  • Attach JPG, PDF, XLS and Doc files
  • Use flexible International address and currency input
  • Create custom printable reports
  • PDF export


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