CNET Editors’ Review

We review a lot of programs, and it’s not often that we find one that really blows us away. What You Own Home Inventory is one of those rare programs, the cream of the crop…

The program’s interface is fantastic, with a sleek, intuitive design. Users enter the rooms in their home and then the contents of each room, listing the purchase price, replacement price, and other relevant details. For each item users can include an image, receipt, or other attachment. Rooms are organized alphabetically, and users can click on each one to see a detailed list of its contents. We loved that the program comes with a Donation Room, where users can move items that they plan to donate; this makes it incredibly easy for users to keep track of charitable giving, especially for tax purposes. In addition to the view provided by the program, users can also print several reports, including a household summary, detailed inventory by room, detailed inventory by category, or list of images or receipts. The program is incredibly easy to use and makes the potentially overwhelming task of compiling a home inventory a breeze. If the program has any drawbacks it’s the lack of Help file, but we found no need for it. Even with that flaw, it’s easily among the best programs we’ve seen.

What You Own Home Inventory is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We highly recommend this program to all users.

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